Our Services

We provide consultancy, feasibility studies, advice, and support for individuals, sole traders, and companies starting up or intensifying export-import activities on UK Post-Brexit rules in regard to entering new export markets across the world under WTO and EU procedures and regulations.

As a Commercial Agent, and Import-Export Consultancy we can help you find new customers when selling abroad in fresh markets, such as the  USD 4.7 billion Gluten-Free food retail market to name just one global industry, by means of

  • procurement for the acquisition of products and services;
  • sourcing for suitable suppliers;
  • tendering with the intent to collect, analyse and nominate bids;
  • matching buyers with sellers;
  • negotiating contracts and concluding sale or purchase of goods and services;
  • product pricing;
  • market research, and
  • getting your product to potential clients you may never otherwise reach.

We also apply for GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS for UK companies, European companies, and non-European companies, draft and provide advice on:

Agency and Distribution Agreements (exclusive and non-exclusive) / Confidentiality and non-disclosure Agreements / International Technology Transfer Agreements / Terms and conditions of supply and purchase / Manufacturing and supply Agreements / Trademark license Agreements / Consultancy Agreements / Franchising Agreements / Website terms and conditions relating to supply and use of the website /

If you have any queries please use the web inquiry form or email us at contact@peglerinternational.co.uk