Terms of business

Scope of our services

Whereas we do enter into contracts with clients or suppliers via our website, an upfront charge of £100 for 10-minutes of face-to-face advice via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp is offered, where a service is unlikely to take place.

Other ongoing services of consultancy, providing feasibility studies, and acting as an agent will be subject to a minimum upfront retainer in accordance with the engagement letter and terms of business agreed upon following online, or personal discussions, and a meeting between you and us, or as otherwise agreed.

If you need to pay us for any of the above services and work, you can use our convenient online payment link so that you can pay from the comfort of your business or home.

An estimate can be provided on request and any charge will be agreed upon with you before any work is carried out.

If you have any queries please use the web inquiry form or email contact@peglerinternational.co.uk/


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